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DigiFX Studios was founded in September of the year 2000. Founded in beautiful Vancouver BC. The company’s initial goals were simple: To provide a higher level of customer service in the IT industry and bring people and computers closer together.

Our founder, Rudy VanDerMey had a long history of computer repair, IT consultation, programming and much more. With the creation of DigiFX, he officially turned this personal history and experiences into a fledgling business. Through time passed and the growth of DigiFX, we’ve seen the entire world change. When we started, Smart Phones didn’t exist and high speed internet was a pipe dream. Remember when most people didn’t know what an email address is? – we do! Most of our staff have been working with computers since the days of BBS’s and 386’s (or longer, but we won’t admit to being that old experienced)

DigiFX Networks Inc. was incorporated in September of 2009, after incorporation, the company shifted focus. Before 2010, we were driven to be IT saviors and break-fix technicians: We were the hired gun other IT firms and business would call into fix major disaster scenarios or address complicated concerns. From our perspective, this business model was proving to be problematic for sustainability and growth, it also meant that were were a bit like IT undertakers – always profiting off of the death or misery of other business misfortune. We knew there must be a better way. We wanted our customers to love calling us, not dread the day we were needed.

DigiFX became a Managed Service Provider, slowly at first but eventually, our customers came to realize that the costs of avoiding downtime and disasters was much lower than waiting for a break and suffering downtime. The company experienced tremendous growth under this new direction. In 2011, Office space was acquired on 1st Street in North Vancouver and this is where our home is today.

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