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Is backup alone enough to support your business?

Find out why our Intelligent Business Continuity is right for your business.

Imagine a world where even in the most extreme of circumstances your business would continue running. That’s what DigiFX brings to you with our offerings by Datto. If your server room catches fire, a category 4 hurricane or earth quake devastates your head office, we can have your business up and running before FEMA responds. These kind of extreme scenarios are few and far between, and our solutions cover even much more common circumstances.

Our backup solutions backup your servers every 30 minutes and many offer instant, local virtual servers. This means that you can use as a human error undo button, or even a test environment for software deployments or other changes. Crytolocker? – not a problem, we have successfully fought off more than a dozen cases in less than an hour using our solutions.

At DigiFX we’re serious about business continuity. Customers who subscribe to our Managed Services and Managed backup solution have 99.99% (or better) up-time, every time.

Ask us how we can bring guaranteed up-time to your business.

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